Dryer repair-Asko-Bosch-Miele-Kenmore-Whirlpool-Samsung-LG, Made Easy!

Are you looking for a premium Dryer repair-Asko-Bosch-Miele-Kenmore-Whirlpool-Samsung-LG company, with more than fifteen years experience?

Dryer repair is a must happen event at our Homes. Next, to kitchen appliances washer and dryers are considered the backbone of any home.

Here are some of the significant manifestations for your machine breaking down;

1- Dryer is making a loud noise.

2- Dryer is not draining all the water.

3- Dryer is shaking violently in the spinning cycle.

4- Dryer stops in the middle of a cycle.

5- Dryer door does not fully close or remain locked.

6- Grinding noise is coming from the washer transmission.

7- An Electrical burning smell odor is coming out of the washer.

8- Dryer is not warming and heating up.

9- Dryer temperature is too hot or too cold.

10- Dryer stops shortly after the beginning of a cycle.

11- Dryer furnace is not working because of a faulty igniter.

what should you do when your Dryer break down?
Dryer repair-Asko-Bosch-Miele-Kenmore-Whirlpool-Samsung-LG In Katy, TX
Dryer repair-Asko-Bosch-Miele-Kenmore-Whirlpool-Samsung-LG In Katy, TX

A few steps that you must take when your Dryer give out;

1- Turn off the Dryer unit as soon as you can.

2- Turn off the gas if you Dryer operates on natural gas or propane.

3- Disconnect the power cord to your Dryer unit.

4- Do not attempt to force open dryer door.

Simple tips to keep your Dryer in good running condition.

1- Clean lint trap every one-hour long cycle.

2- Clean the duct-work and outside vent at least once every six months.

Call the experts at Appliance Repair Service in Katy, Texas for your  Dryer repair needs. With over fifteen years of experience and more than three thousand of dryers repair, we are confident that we can get your appliance back to near factory condition. Whether you own an electric cloth dryer or

a natural gas one our Technicians will fix it.