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 Microwave Oven Repair is an avoidable incident. It usually holds status as we are warming up our beloved slice of Pizza or warming some soup. As a matter of fact, several factors cause a Microwave to break down.

Furthermore, most people don't know how to maintain a Microwave oven. In Fact, Microwaves can give you years of service, but their effectiveness will decline over time.

 How to maintain and avoid Microwave oven repair.

1- Clean the Microwave insides with a warm water fabric at least once a week.

2- Don't run your Microwave if there is any food stuck on the lining Walls.

3- Periodically, check your electric cordage connection.

4- Make sure that the microwave ventilation is working properly. Also, clean the Oven vents from any fat or debris.

5- Furthermore, be very cautious when you are washing the Microwave Touchpad, don't allow any liquids to seep back.

6-  Finally, Do not operate the Microwave if you discover unusual noises.

 Ovens and Microwave Oven repair are the most critical of your home kitchen appliances.

Microwave Ovens carry a deadly charge of high voltage up to five thousand volts and a very high electric Amperage even if disconnected from the power supply.

In other words, How do I know that my Microwave Oven need repairs?

1- First of all, if Food or liquid inside the Microwave Chamber does not heat up.

Microwave Oven Repair-Samsung-LG-Viking-Amana-Maytag-GE

2- Second, Food tray is spinning, but the food won't heat up. Meanwhile, you can hear unusual sound from the Microwave.

3- Third, you can hear and see Evident arcs or sparks. Consequently, Microwave Control Board was not functioning properly.

4- Thus, Microwave display screen might be missing some digits. 

5- As a result, during operation, a burning odor or smell will be present when the microwave is on.

6- Also, Microwave may shut off after a few seconds of running.

7- Finally, you may notice that the  Microwave Exhaust fan is not working properly rather noisy.

What to do next when you apprehend that your Microwave needs a Microwave Oven Repair Specialist?

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